Attorney Portal

Powerful features to make you more productive and your clients happier

EasyEviction is an eviction attorney’s best friend. It handles everything from generating paperwork to sending scheduled emails, customizing your own workflow to receiving online payments from clients. What else do you need? (Seriously, let us know and we will try our best to introduce that feature as well!)

Stunning dashboard

Functionality at your fingertips—calendar, task manager, all of your evictions, etc., are all conveniently organized, allowing you to navigate with ease.

Billing & Invoice management capabilities

An uncomplicated billing process. Convert eviction billable items directly to invoices with just the click of a button. Then email or print the easy-to-read (and understand) invoices, all while our system helps you keep track of payments.

Invoicing made easy — now with Online Payments!

Your client can see and pay their invoices directly through the platform. Integrate with LawPay to empower them with online payment options including credit card and eCheck!

Powerful search

Avoid a major time-suck with our advanced search capabilities. Search through your evictions, clients and invoices. Say so long to frustration as you get loads of time back with our enhanced and user-friendly experience that quickly provides the relevant search results you need.

Auto-generate your paperwork

We convert your local courthouse documents. (You’re welcome.) Then, you make them your own by customizing the content and wording to fit each eviction case. Plus, you can easily designate specific fields to be autopopulated with eviction details.

Customize your workflow

Smooth workflow process ahead. Start with a standard template and customize it to match your office’s workflow steps. Add new steps, note who’s responsible for certain tasks, specify when emails should be sent automatically to your clients and more.

Get ready for Court

Print out all the documents you need for the court with just a click and you are ready to go!

Send emails to clients at predefined times

Timing is everything. Easily schedule, in advance, when emails go out. Send your clients an email a couple weeks before their court date. Email them again if there haven’t been any updates made to their eviction. Create follow-up emails for unpaid invoices.

Custom User Groups (Coming Soon)

Create custom user groups, add specific participants for the given eviction and keep the communication seamless.