Property Manager Portal

Have we mentioned it’s free?

With EasyEviction, property managers don’t need to wait for updates, worry about paperwork or wonder how the process is proceeding. EasyEviction directly involves you in the whole process and puts you in control. Following are the features we know you will love…with more to come!

All your evictions in one place - independent of Attorneys

Even if your attorney hasn't signed up yet, you, as a property manager, can add and track all your evictions through the property management portal. In future if you want, you can add attorneys of your choice and get involved in the complete eviction process coutesy the property management portal.

Update Attorneys about status changes

Did the tenant pay you? Did the tenant contact you? Have you received a needed document from the tenant? You can easily update the status of evictions through Easy Eviction’s interface. And if you have any questions or concerns, you can directly message your attorneys and get help. Ahh, effortless communication is great.

Simple, Secure & Fast online payments

You can receive and pay your invoices directly through the platform and our partner, LawPay.

Save your time with Bulk Imports

Bulk import evictions in three easy steps. So if your property management software can generate a report, you can upload the it, map the columns, and create your evictions all in one easy-to-use tool.

Auto-generate your paperwork

We convert your local courthouse documents. Then, you make them your own by customizing the content and wording to fit each eviction case. Plus, you can easily designate specific fields to be auto populated with eviction details.

Powerful search

Avoid a major time-suck with our advanced search capabilities. Search through your evictions, clients and invoices. Say so long to frustration as you get loads of time back with our enhanced and user-friendly experience that quickly provides the relevant search results you need.

A complete view of your Eviction

Everything you need to see in one place—the comprehensive eviction summary with its historic timeline and an action center. Print the entire eviction rundown, details and all, so you’re ready for court.

Tracking Numbers

Provide your owners with a unique web address they can pull up to see the latest status.

Custom User Groups (Coming Soon)

Create custom user groups, add specific participants for the given eviction and keep the communication seamless.